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Name:A general Gintama community
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What is Gintama?
Gintama is a manga series, drawn by Hideaki Sorachi [wiki here]. It was also made into an anime, thanks to Sunrise. The anime is both on crunchyroll and is being subbed by Rumbel.

→ If you're going to post an introduction, please post something Gintama-related along with it. Making friends is awesome, but the focus of the community is Gintama, so please stick to that.
→ Be generally courteous to one another.
→ Any and all media should be friends-locked.
→ Fanfiction, fanfics, icons and other artistic expressions are welcome. If what you've drawn, written or created has "racier" themes, it needs to be placed beneath a cut. If you're not sure if what you're sharing is "racy," err on the side of caution and put it behind a cut anyway.
→ Advertising for other comms and so on is okay, but please limit your ads to one every two weeks.
→ Anything not covered here will be added if it ends up being necessary. Cooperation is appreciated!
→ Have fun!

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