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Hi everyone, I've just gotten into Gintama fairly recently thanks to *cough* Harada's doujinshi *cough*. I'm somewhere in the 500's where the manga chapters are concerned, I think, but I'm not watching the anime (yet, at least). Is... is anyone still alive around here? ;_;
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For those of you who haven't noticed; Gintama is back! Though, actually, is it Gintama?

cut for spoilers - anime talk! )
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Hello everyone! I especially joined this community to post this awesome news;

I have to admit that I like SKET Dance and that I'm sad if this show is over, but I'm very excited that Gintama will return. Even old episodes are epic :)


Aug. 7th, 2012 10:13 pm
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[18] Motorcity (Mike, Chuck)
[18] Gintama (Takasugi)
[6] Kuroko's Basketball (Aomine)

[42] Total


right here!
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GINTAMA and all characters/ideas/concepts/places therein are not mine, although the writing certainly is.

Title: Every act of love is separateness.
Characters/Pairing(s): Sakamoto and Takasugi
Rating: G
Summary: This is what comrades do, on those things you call 'last nights'.
Warnings? N/A
Notes: Dedicated to Ri. Belated Happy Birthday, partner. ♥

1,024 words. [fake cut to my fic journal]
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GINTAMA and all characters/ideas/concepts/places therein are not mine, although the writing certainly is.

Title: Bathing in artificial light.
Characters/Pairing(s): Takasugi x Nizou
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sometimes, Takasugi can be rather generous.
Warnings? Dubious con, homo love, spoilers if you don't know who these two are.
Notes: The title is taken from Prompt #15 over at the 52 Flavors community.

384 words. [fake cut to my fic journal]

If you like what you end up reading, there's more over at [personal profile] visceral. ♥
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Watch on Youtube with Closed Captions (CC) on for English subs.
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The anime is resuming in just over a month, get excited!
Meanwhile — I have a wholehearted recommendation!

I want to thank [personal profile] xparrot for writing a fic that has given me (and her other readers) more joy than I know how to express. If you call yourself a Gintama fan, then there is no better way to tide you over until April 4th than to read "Pandemonium", a 20-chapter Gintama fic that deserves nothing short of being lovingly translated into Japanese, mailed to Sorachi, and adapted by Sunrise into the screenplay for the next Gintama movie!! ♥ ♥

No but seriously, instead of listening to me babble on in an attempt to sing its praises, go read it here at her LJ, on AO3, or on FFN.

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...that's why we're Gintama fans :'D

( Painted my nails like Gintoki's kimono )

Photo under fake cut ♥
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20 icons for [community profile] fandom20in20's round nine.

HERE @ [community profile] luova_tauko

You can sign up for round ten to make your own set of icons. :D [/hint]


May. 3rd, 2009 12:57 pm
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This is a general post to start off the community. Fic, canon discussion, icons, AMVs, etc. are all welcome. If you have any questions, post them here!

Guidelines/Rules have been posted in the user info, but it's just the standard stuff.

Anyway, have fun!
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